Ultrasonic Atomization

Unlike conventional atomization nozzles, sound-stressed gas and medium, such as liquid wastes, contract each other only directly outside the nozzle. Due to this, a liquid system pressure of 1 to 3 bars is sufficient to force the inertial mass through the bore of appropriate diameter. The gas vibrating at approx. 18,000 to 30,000 Hertz tears the medium into microscopic parts.

The adjustable atomization profile ranging from open jet to a widely spread jet enables to be used for almost unlimeted applications.

Atomization by means of the DUMAG ultrasonic nozzle is based on the principle of Hartmann's generator.

Special product features of our ultrasonic nozzle (particularly for liquid fuels)

  • Adjustable atomizing angle - flame geometry
  • Wide control range
  • Fine droplet spectrum
  • Non-clogging construction
  • Viscosity up to 250 cSt
  • Wear-proof - no moving parts
  • Several substances can be simultaneously atomized in one lance. (Throughput 10 kg/h up to 44.000 kg/h)